About Us

The Irpino brothers, Dominic and Jonathon Irpino, have been in Chicagoland real estate much of their lives, mostly as an in-house, need-based service connected with their development team as well as their construction and remodeling company, Irpino Construction.

They’ve always put customer service first. It started with their construction company and continues with their Chicagoland real estate company. The secret to their success is a focus on customer service instead of commissions; Irpino believes that if you take great care of your clients, the commission will take care of itself.

Irpino Group Real Estate is a highly personalized real estate company. Jon and Dom are very accessible, and clients are always welcome to call. And when you call, you will usually get in touch with one of the brothers. At Irpino, you know you’re going to deal with the leaders of the company. They’re both very hands on.

Because they don’t do a huge volume, they can focus on one-on-one interactions. They know how to work with people and take care of them.

This refreshing attitude comes from the Irpino brothers’ Italian background. Dom likes to say, “We work to live,” a saying that comes straight from the old country. Life is meant to be enjoyed, lived, loved.

Although they work all the time, Dom and Jon both love the water and get near it, in it, and on it as much as possible. They often take their friends and clients out for a day of boating on Lake Michigan.

When they’re not on the water, they’re following all the Chicago sports teams or entertaining friends and family. They’re big entertainers who love people, and it’s not an act—they were born this way! That’s why so many of their clients say they’re so much fun to work with.

Experience what customer service really means when looking for your perfect Chicago home. Contact the Irpino brothers today to schedule a personal consultation.