Why Chicagoland?

Why Live in Chicagoland? We Can Think of Uncountable Reasons

It’s the morning mist off the lake that hides the leafy trees along the path, the city humming invisibly in the background. The piles of yellow and orange leaves you kick on the sidewalk in October. The feeling you get when the sky turns purple over the skyline and the orchestra at Pritzker Pavilion begins to play.

It’s the rumble of the L over Clark Street, the flock of Canada geese honking their landing on the Skokie Lagoons. A block party on a summer evening, all your neighbors out on the street, grills smoking, laughing friends. The way you feel as you walk through your front door: This is home.

Chicagoland has that tangible sense of place that gives us that intangible sense of home. People like to talk about all the obvious attractions of the city, but Greater Chicago is one of the few places on earth that has a sense of belonging right where it is.

It’s not something you can pick up and show someone. Some cities have it, some don’t, and it’s easy to get carried away with boosterism—after all, they don’t call it the Windy City because of the weather.

But you feel it in your bones, your arms and legs, your head—rooted in this place by the ancient blue lake, with its energetic people empowered by a smorgasbord of world flavors, and its endless horizons of possibility.

We could go on and on about all the famous attractions in Chicago—the world-class restaurants, the major league sports teams, the diverse cultures from all over the world, the lively music and theater scenes, the hundreds of communities and neighborhoods that make Chicagoland the best place to live. But it’s that feeling of home in this place that keeps Chicago in our hearts.

The Future Is Back to the Lakefront

The lakefront is the city’s front yard and promenade, and every morning, thousands of people drive, bike, boat, rollerblade, run and walk through the green ribbon between the urban beehive and the eternal blue lake.

Chicagoans love their city for its walkable neighborhoods and human-scale surroundings where taking the car is only one of many options, not the only choice. They love the nearby shopping and convenient public transportation. Chicago offers pleasant, family-friendly neighborhoods in a place where you can leave the car in your garage most of the time.

Living in Chicago makes more sense today than ever. Buying property in the city and surroundings is an excellent investment. Chicago is truly a world-class city with endless entertainment, employment, and educational options.

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