Why Us?

Experience How a Boutique Chicago Real Estate Firm Can Make Finding Your Dream Realty in Chicago Unforgettable

Come on in! Great to see you again! Have a seat and we’ll show you what we’ve found for you. Take your time to look them over. We know you’re making a big decision. You can choose any realtor in Chicago, but we’d like to take a few minutes to show you why we’re the best choice. We want to make finding your perfect home a perfect experience.

Quality used to matter—when you bought something, you expected it to last. Because we’re a small Chicago realty firm, we can take the time to focus on finding exactly what you’re looking for in a new home.

You’ll be talking directly to us, the leaders of the firm, Jon and Dom Irpino. We’ll tell it to you straight, explain exactly what to expect if you decide to remodel a Victorian in Sheridan Park, let you know how many more winters that roof will last, or explain the advantages of retrofitting an Old Town condo.

This personal access sets us apart. You’re one of our peers, not someone we only talk to during regularly scheduled business hours. After talking to us, you’ll wonder why you ever considered any other Chicagoland realtors.

We’re Friendly, Patient, and Professional Chicagoland Realtors

We’re not like those hard-knuckled Chicago real estate men in David Mamet’s play Glengarry Glen Ross. “Always be closing,” they say.

We’re the opposite—Our motto is: Always be open. Because we take the time to focus on your needs instead of our commission, you’ll wish we could do more deals together.

Every time you meet with us, we’ll hand you a folder with all the great listings we’ve found for you. You’ll never feel rushed, only confident and well informed about your decision, ready to put down roots in your favorite neighborhood where the parking is easy and the streets lined with trees.

Experience the Difference Our Expertise Means to Realty in Chicago

Because we’ve been involved in real estate in Chicago for decades through our construction and building management business, we’re walking databases for everything you need to know about buildings in Chicago.

Construction, remodeling, codes and permits, repairs and improvements, buying and selling—you name it, we’ve done it all. Like a one-stop shop, we can recommend everything from a good finance company to the best upcoming festival in your new neighborhood.

And this real estate and Chicago knowledge and experience comes free of charge. It’s just a part of us, like our skin or the blue and orange Bears blood that runs through our veins.

Born in Chicago, Family Run on the Funky Side

Trumpeting the wonders of living in Chicago is just part of living in Chicago—the diversity, the culture, the sports teams, the lakefront. There’s always something to do. We love taking friends and family boating on Lake Michigan in summer, going to Cubs and Sox games. And we love Chicago’s neighborhoods like only two native sons can. Each of the distinctive Chicagoland neighborhoods has a personality, like a big, diverse family.