Service and Experience in Real Estate and Chicago—the Irpino Difference—Now Available for REO Asset Managers

Because the extraordinary real estate market in Chicago has taken us all for a spin, Irpino Real Estate Group also offers our complete real estate brokerage services to REO asset managers and institutions.

Irpino’s bottom-to-top experience in all things real estate—from construction and maintenance to property management and asset transfers to everything in between—inspires our unique perspective and client-oriented approach to REO properties.

With REO inventories at record highs, a lot of real estate in Chicago is shuttered. We use all our resources to make accurate market assessments, to find profitable solutions, and to move the deadwood in your REO portfolio.

  • Chicago home code inspections
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Intelligent marketing & listings
  • In-house legal department
  • After-closing service
  • Maintenance and repairs

We’re not interested in quick profits. Irpino’s top priority is settling happy clients in their dream homes. Our years of construction experience means we can accurately inspect, repair, and prepare for sale property of all kinds:

  • Vintage apartment buildings
  • Single-family homes of every type
  • Blighted property all over Chicago
  • Commercial and industrial structures
  • Highrises and condominiums downtown Chicago

Our in-depth knowledge of Chicago’s construction codes and permit system helps us prepare REOs more efficiently, maximizing market value.

And best of all, as a one-stop Chicagoland real estate boutique, Irpino finds the right buyers by understanding our clients’ needs and putting them in touch with exactly what they are looking for. Whether they want to invest in a rental property or set roots of their own, our clients benefit from our detail-oriented, personalized approach to Chicagoland real estate.

Irpino Real Estate Group Moves Chicagoland Homes for Sale

Irpino Real Estate Group can move your REO inventory from red to black. We will work closely with you to negotiate the best arrangement for both sides, clearing your backlog while rebuilding Chicago’s neighborhoods to be better than ever.

No one wants to sit on shuttered real estate for long, and we know it’s tough to turn them around in a sluggish economy. But we’re optimistic about the future and confident our experience and personalized resources can make the difference.

Contact us today. We’re here to help you close that bulging folder of REO property.