Looking for Chicagoland Homes for Sale Means Spreading Out the Suburban Quilt

If the city of Chicago is a vast mosaic of diversity and excitement, its suburbs reflect those very same characteristics in their own unique ways. Like the city that spawned them, Chicago’s suburbs are diverse and vibrant communities that have something to offer everyone. Chicagoland’s suburbs are home to many firsts and have rich histories that appeal to different dreams.

Suburban living provides open space to stretch out and do your own thing. Chicago’s suburbs are nestled among green river valleys, leafy forest preserves, and golden farmland. Many retain their small-town feel even though a world-class metropolis lies just down the road.

The suburbs are the “land” part of Chicagoland, stretching from Wisconsin in the north to Indiana in the south, and west into the golden breadbasket of America. Diverse recreational possibilities are easy to find: boating and fishing on the Fox and Des Plaines Rivers or on the many lakes in the region, golfing on countless private and public courses, Las Vegas-style casino gaming in Joliet, roller coaster thrills at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, horse racing in Arlington Heights, and NASCAR racing in Joliet.

Numerous award-winning school districts, churches of every faith, shopping centers bringing the world’s riches to eager buyers, and a convenient and efficient commuter train system all make living in Chicago’s suburbs appealing. Chances are, if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it right here in Chicagoland’s many unique suburbs.

Chicagoland’s Heirloom Quilt: A White Picket Fence, A Green Lawn, and Two Kids in the Yard

In many ways, the vast canvas of the Illinois prairie that is Chicago’s geographical setting is manifest with infinite possibilities, embodied in the nearly countless suburban communities that surround Chicago like an heirloom quilt.

Indeed, the suburbs often influence the character of the city itself. As Chicago grew during the 19th and 20th centuries, the city annexed many neighboring suburban communities, which in turn became distinguished city neighborhoods. The popular North Side neighborhood of Lakeview, for example, was once a suburb of Chicago; now it is an integral and iconic neighborhood within the city.

The same is true for other Chicago neighborhoods, such as Pullman on the South Side. This neighborhood began as a planned company town, home of the famous Pullman passenger rail cars that helped settle the American West. The Austin neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side was once an incorporated township, but is now a pleasant urban community that still retains many of its suburban features—wide streets, vast green lawns and open parks.

Some Chicago suburbs are famous the world over, such as Oak Park, once the home of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and many of his beautiful Prairie Style homes still cradle families in Oak Park.

Riverside is another West Side suburb with an interesting history. A planned community designed in 1869 by Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of New York’s Central Park, the whole suburb is a national landmark and still retains its original layout and most of its original homes.

Other Chicagoland suburbs are large cities themselves. Naperville, Elgin, and Arlington Heights have a larger population than the state of Alaska! These suburban towns offer many of the same conveniences and opportunities as their parent city of Chicago, but without the congestion and noise of the big city.

Each Chicagoland suburb reflects different variations on the American Dream. From the luxurious mansions of the North Shore to the workingman’s cities of Joliet and Aurora, the quilt of communities that wrap around Chicago are home to 5 million people from diverse cultural backgrounds, just like the city itself.

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