How to Care for Our Furry Friends During this Time

Posted by Jenny Maraccini on May 22, 2020

Even if your pet is used to spending long days at home, the Shelter in Place Order will still likely affect your pet to some extent. Their routine is interrupted and we, as pet owners, might be feeling more anxiety than normal during these times which can cause our pets to feel stressed as well.

We wanted to share a few ways that you can provide some extra care and attention to our furry friends during this time.

Ensure you are stocked on pet-care supplies. 

Make sure you always have a two-week supply of food, medications and any other pet-care products on-hand.

If you are a reptile pet owner – our friends at Curious Creatures, right here in Buena Park, are still open with normal store hours! As an essential business, they are doing their part to help take care of our pets while following CDC guidelines. Call ahead to pick up your order faster.

Check out our Local Business Spotlight interview with Curious Creatures here!

Plan indoor games for your pet.

We might not be able to get outside as much as needed right now so it’s extra important to make sure your pets are staying physically and mentally fit while spending so much time indoors. Set aside some time each day for indoor games with your pet.

Have a preparedness plan.

Due to the global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have a plan in place as to who will care for your pet in the event that you were to get sick or require hospitalization. Make sure you identify a friend or family member for this purpose. This is another reason why it’s important to always have a 2 week supply of food on hand, so you can ensure your friend/family member has everything they need at a moments notice to care for your pet.

Stay calm.

Pets pick up on our anxiety more than we know. The last thing you want to do is stress them out too. When you are feeling extra stressed, take a moment to do some deep breathing or meditation. Make sure you give your pets your full undivided attention periodically throughout the day to soothe them…and yourself.

As always, we are here for YOU. Contact us if you need ANYTHING at all. Wishing you and your family good health,

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